• Our unwavering dedication to the highest standards is apparent in everything we do: inspired architectural and interior design, innovative construction management, partner selection, sophisticated financing strategies, and pride of ownership in property management.
  • Related Beal is comprised of a fully integrated team of professionals with experts in all areas of real estate development and operations. With expertise in all major disciplines, including architecture & design, planning & entitlements, construction, finance, and property management, Related Beal offers both the technical background and financial strength to execute a project of virtually any size or complexity.

    We also benefit from the integration of our property management and residential sales teams, which provide us with direct access to real-time information about operating costs and market conditions. Our philosophy of multidisciplinary collaboration makes us a single resource for the successful completion of any real estate project
  • Related Beal is one of the most active developers in Boston, introducing 400+ residential units in the North Station sub-market and an innovative urban office campus in the Financial District. This volume of activity allows Related Beal to build deep relationships with key participants in the Boston real estate community and leverage economies of scale to achieve greater profitability.
  • Related Beal has a longstanding reputation of excellent execution. Our ability to continually execute on complicated, challenging projects across a variety of asset classes has made us the premier choice for lenders and partners.

    Our ability to execute on time and on budget across all asset classes inspires confidence and makes Related the premier real estate developer in the business.
  • Related Beal is committed to designing projects that have a balanced impact on the environment and support the health and well-being of the community. The firm draws on the experience of the Related Companies to create architecturally significant landmarks that lead the way in sustainable building practices.

    For Related Beal, optimum building performance and environmental responsibility are essential attributes of a quality development and are evidence of our commitment to excellence. Related takes a comprehensive approach to enhancing the environmental sustainability of our business. We pursue LEED certification for all of our eligible development projects, which span luxury residential, retail, commercial and mixed-use. LEED is the most-recognized standard of environmental performance for the built environment. We are using environmentally-preferable operations and maintenance practices across our portfolio of owned and managed properties.
  • The quality and experience of our team is our key advantage. We place a strong focus on identifying and retaining only those individuals who are the best in their respective fields. The professionalism and entrepreneurialism of our employees are often noted by our partners, customers, and residents as a distinguishing characteristic of our company.
  • Related Beal is backed by the Related Companies, one of the largest privately-held real estate companies in the country with a portfolio valued at over $50 billion.

    Our access to capital is unmatched in the industry. We currently maintain significant working capital lines which are available to immediately capitalize on investment opportunities. As a result of our favorable financial position and our excellent track record, we are in the desirable and unique position of having major lenders willing to finance our projects. Related has also served as a major provider of debt and equity capital and managed institutional capital for four decades, with deep and longstanding relationships with industry leaders. Unlike most fund managers, we place a high premium on these financial resources, as well as on our access to capital; they enable us to take swift and full advantage of profitable opportunities while assuring us ample reserves to handle any potential uncertainty.

    We also focus on minimizing risk, allowing us to be fully prepared for any adverse market shift or change in business conditions. We do this by limiting recourse guarantees and contingent liabilities. Financial institutions are willing to work with us on this basis because we bring conservatively underwritten transactions to the table and because we have a compelling track record.